What do you think about returning the Priest in a better state than he was?

Forget me if I get the details wrong, It has been more than a year and I am going off memory right now.

Priest could speak to the dead and revive a fellow BD, giving that BD conv immunity.
On the same time the priest himself was DI once, and had conv immunity.

What would you think about returning the Priest to the game, without the death immunity, and the convert immunity for him and his convert? I think in Throne of Lies, because of the higher power level than TOS, reviving a player isn’t a really bad thing.

He could also get some active ability (which I didn’t think of a fitting one yet) to make the role more active.

dead interaction as a whole was scrapped for a few reasons

im about to fall asleep so i don’t really wanna write paragraphs as to why, but the main points being

  1. it ‘forces’ players to stay in dead chat after dying
  2. possessor gets pretty much hardcountered by it
  3. its pretty OP

any reform of revivals in ToL would have to be done without putting the dead person into dead chat imo, and even then i see potential balance issues


what if priest could only revive recently dead people (last night/one night before tops), and it was only a temporary revive.
ooh. what if, priest revives someone for 1 day only. the person can speak and vote, but only the priest can hear their words, and they can only vote for one person (cannot unvote),
this provides cover for a converted priest. he just needs to get the dead person to vote someone that isnt him.
and if posessor is a problem, let the posessor see the revivee’s words too, to have a chance at countering the priest

fair warning: i dont know balance, i just like making ideas. even if this is taken it would most assuredly need to be tweaked in some way

Been there

Done that

Sucked too

well i mean. i didnt just do that.

Do you remember Death Knights

I do.


But you never left?

Like, you’re right here…

Priest really wasn’t that fun to play when he was in the game

I doubt you can make priest fun

thats just details



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Like when a giant blob of yellow is out of place

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glaz #1 entry fragger :weary:


WOO LETS GO TROY (btw troy is canadian i think, i can use his first name because we are tight like that. yeah i know top players but its whatever to me lol)

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