What's the most OP scum ability?

Throughout all of Throne of Lies history (not forum of lies) in your opinion what is the most broken scum ability that has ever existed and why?

Don’t count Evil King for these purposes because EK has inherent OP qualities that make it a boring answer.

If the ability is a Killing ability I would also be curious about the most OP non-killing scum ability specifically as well.

Killing - Possess. You can literally steal somebodies body.

Nonkilling - frenzy. 3 easy unstoppable kills of you play your cards right.


2 for 1 and regular kill


btw I personally think Retribution on Poacher was the most busted Killing ability. And Illusionist mind link for the best non-Killing ability.


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It’s the obvious choice so I nipped it in the bud

Probably Illusionist’s Frame ability.

Mainly because it’s infinite oose

aristo intruige is prolly better tbh(because aristo isn’t as easily outed and it also is a gossip)

aristo’s force vote is also pretty good if im honest.

Thus old mind warp must be your pick because it’s the frame but better.

Hey, remember when Reaper was broken AF and souls meant jack shit?

I remember.

Yeah this easily

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Defile as Cult Leader

Aristocrat Twin. Too confirmable

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see thing about ToL classes is it’s not individual abilities that are busted, it’s whole classes
i do remember some iteration of Reaper being a nightmare, however, and it definitely had Circle of Death in that iteration, which iirc it dosen’t have now

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reaper has circle of death still

its just laughably bad 99% of the time

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i think every change in that patch combined to make Reaper busted tbh

too bad CoD is just bad

use 2 souls with no chance of getting any back (so -3 soul opportunity cost) just to usually kill healers (who you don’t need dead) or nobody

snaps finger Actually, it was Sorc with Cirlce of Death that was overpowered, that’s right, thaaaat’s right.

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