Winter Event with Mafia Colosseum! - Forum Event

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate another year of Throne of Lies, as well as the upcoming holidays, we’ve worked together with Mafia Colosseum to create some fun games and activities for you all to enjoy.

Forum Games

  • @osieorb18’s Micro League - SIGNUPS

    Trurl and Klapaucius are two genius robot constructors who travel around the universe aiding those in need. This 14-player anonymous mafia league is the story of the Seven (Nine) major Sallies into Space of Trurl and Klapaucius.

    • Hosted on Mafia Colosseum
    • 14 players
    • Anonymous
    • Closed setups
    • Phases are 48/24
    • Starts as soon as it fills!
  • @DatBird’s JoJo’s Part 7 Forum Mafia - SIGNUPS

    A rolemadness game based on Part 7 of the fan favorite manga/anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

    • Hosted on Mafia Colosseum
    • 19 players
    • Closed setup
    • Phases are 48/24
    • Starts December 14th
  • @Arete’s JoatJoatJoat13

    JoaTJoaTJoaT13 is an open set-up where every power role is a JoaT. Since it has 3 JoaTs, it’s 1.5x better than JoaT^2.

    • Hosted on Forum of Lies
    • 13 players
    • Open setup
    • Phases are 48/24
    • Starts December 21st

Other Activities

Don’t have time for FM? Join us on our Event Discord to participate in other games and activities such as:

  • Live Mafia
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • Jackbox Party Packs
  • Blood on the Clocktower
  • Among Us
  • Wolfia
  • Simulwatch

Schedule updates and announcements can be found on the FoL/MC Crossover Discord Server! We hope to see you there!

Reminder: By playing on Mafia Colosseum, you agree to follow their rules. Breaking any rules during this event will lead to consequences on both sites.



Signups for @osieorb18’s Mafia Micro-Mini League can be found here!

Other signups will be coming throughout the month, and will be announced in the event discord!


arete how much do you like joat^2 jeez


this set-up is even better than JoaT^2 because every possible rand has three JoaTs


i hope at least one of those is a wolf because 3 ICs in a 13er :wowee:


Only way to be an IC is to prove you’re town socially.

you underestimate my power

all 3 are wolfs, we been having to many town wins

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We just had 2 town wins

That’s two too many


Clearly we need an initiative to improve scum play.


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no u


Setup has been changed from a matrix to an open setup
Renamed: JoatJoatJoat13
Everything else remains the same


rip joatrix

Can I do Mime9 now

You can add it to the FoL or MC queue!
Unfortunately, we’ve already locked in what games will be apart of the event

we did it

we saved christmas

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Guys, Marl is on this server.