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Okay so I think they’ve also tweaked Echoes gain percentage too because I got like 700 from a +7 chest

Best thing about Shadow Priest: Spamming Mind Sear on a teammate for easy farm

Easy tag for mobs is so frustrating. Nobody will take me for mythics because lolraiderio.

Remind me, you are guildless right?
Also grinding io score is a pain in the rear if you are doing it with pugs so yep, prepare to be declined a lot.
Though a few classes like DH/Rogue get invited more often purely because of utility.

I’m guildless because I don’t have the time to consistently do dungeons/raids with a guild.
So I mostly do pugs.

I got rejected from a mythic 2, which was peak :joy_cat:. I have 440+ something ilvl, it’s not terrible, and I can do DPS.

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@KyoDaz When you are around, remind me about your ilvl.

I could run you through at least normal Nyalotha, Vul.

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The only reason I even tried a mythic 2 was because I’d been rejected from 6-7-8.

Its end of the expansion so people are picky with accepting anyone below 460.

Rn I’m mostly grinding visions in free time, which I have a bit less of.

Yeah, I get that. Kinda waiting for Shadowlands, tbh.

I’ve literally given up on visions after I got my meta achievement + mount.

I wanted to do Nazjatar but it feels pointless.

But cloak ilvl.

And also some essences.

Cape caps at 500 and I have it at 500. Everything further is just corruption resistance, which is -EV for me since I have barely 30 corruption.
Also getting cape to 15 (which makes it 500) is a part of the achievement.

We’ve all corrupted our language.

envy intensifies
I think visions and n’zoth invasions are my least favorite content in the game.

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Oh about essences, I showed this to Kyo but:

This is how much I like world PvP and arenas.

Visions are actually fine, albeit repetitive. Also Orgrimmar is ten times harder than Stormwind because of Rexxar. I hate those goddamn boars.