Your Turn To Die - Death Game by Majority Misc - Sign-Ups (12/20)

General Rules

  • Playerlist will compose of the overwhelming majority being normal participants, as in having the default wincon to escape, with a few traitors in the midst who have the separate objective of trying to mess with the participants in various ways possible.

  • In order to escape there will be plenty of methods to be found throughout the facility, or you can get a Sacrifice Card and be voted out during the Main Game Phase.

  • Each role will have the player’s character name, occupation, age, gender, weight, height, a passive ability, and a 1-shot active ability. These character rolls will have no effect during the Main Game Phase.


  • First Trial

In short, as soon as the game begins each player will be locked into a room where they will be given a First Trial. If they fail it or 24 hours elapse without them clearing it, then they’ll die. These first trials are fairly straightforward so I don’t expect any major carnage happening before the actual game begins. Upon this phase ending, the Subgame Phase will begin and the entrance to the main facilities will open.

  • Subgame Phase

During the Subgame Phase the players will go around finding items and rolecards while solving trials to advance, and failing these trials may result in deaths. However keep in mind that every trial will be solvable without people dying and it will be only through either incompetence or malice that deaths will happen. After all Trials are solved, then the Main Game will begin.

  • Main Game Phase

The Main Game Phase will be separated into two subphases. The first subphase will last 48 hours and will be used to select a number of candidates equal to floor(survivors/2) that will go to the next phase. In the next subphase, then the final victim will be chosen. Voting is also anonymous and done via role cards. For those unfamiliar with YTTD, here are the roles.

Item Slots

  • Each player by default begins with two private item slots and five public item slots.

  • Anyone can check another player’s public slot, but the private slot will remain hidden unless the player is knocked out.

Claiming and Whispering

When it comes to your general rolecard such as attributes, names, abilities, you may claim it whenever you want.

However when it comes to the Main Game role, you’re not allowed to claim outside the Main Game. In addition you’re not allowed to whisper inside the Main Game. Whispering outside the Main Game is permissable.

Flips and Alignments

There will be no flips at all.


Each non-traitor player will have a Hallucination gauge starting from 0. Each time their actions result in the death of a player then this gauge will increase by a number from 10-50, depending on the intent behind the actions that caused the death, with bona fide accidents resulting in the lowest raise while intentional murders resulting in the highest ones. If a player’s Hallucination gauge reaches 100, then they die.

The Hallucination gauge does not raise if the death is caused by certain trials, which will be told beforehand.

Honestly, I don’t want to penalize players for killing, but at the same time I don’t want murderhoboing to happen.





  1. Intensify
  2. PKR
  3. Gorta
  4. Aelin
  5. Wazza
  6. Eli
  7. Lol
  8. Apprentice
  9. WindwardAway
  10. Amelia
  11. Nightingale
  12. Icibalus
  13. Blitz

Also FTR, the Sacrifice Card isn’t going to be changed as it was done in Wazza’s misc.

It’s still going to be a high-stakes role where you either die or end the game victorious with another player.

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i’m gonna pass on this one after playing the first game
it’s a bit… too intense i’d say

if people actually played optimally instead of playing survivor it’d be a bit more tolerable

What were the main issues with Wazza’s game? I tried reading but since I didn’t participate in it then I had some problems understanding what happened.

And this basically goes to anyone else who played there.

A lot of it came down to people voting out those they didn’t like and refusing to vote people they were friends with despite the fact a lot of the time it was optimal to vote the people they were allied with (e.g they were confirmed to not be sacrifice by the trading mechanic) and since the game didn’t auto end with 1 sac win people didn’t care that much if their friends won

So it ended up becoming more like a game of survivor with the small added chance that you actually hit the sacrifice

On top of that the mastermind served no real purpose and had no influence on the game
I guess you could say it was to provide a climactic finale but it’s a similar issue to DR where during the main game they often have little impact

This game will probably be better since it doesn’t have a mastermind and the game ends when sac wins so I’d like to say people would be less likely to play survivor? but then again this is fol

but i do think that YTTD probably doesn’t work as a misc game

I think the main suggestion was to focus more on the roleplay elements


And when the game did work as intended and people weren’t playing survivor (e.g in chapter 1) which is when i faked being the sacrifice, a lot of people were quite unhappy because of the way i went about doing it despite that being the way the game is meant to be played

So either you play survivor and the people who want to play the game aren’t happy, or you play the game properly and everyone else isn’t happy

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If I hosted a game like this I would simply have trials and puzzles to solve in which people could die either due to incompetence or malpractice, and then during the main game ideally people would vote out the weakest link

But i know people would just vote out those they don’t want to play with

That’s why I’d probably try to get people to agree to playing the game to win rather than to keep their friends alive

I’m curious to see how many people from the first game actually join this one
because i have a feeling it won’t be very many

It’s why I’m basically not changing the Sacrifice role unlike what Wazza did.

The fact that the Sacrifice winning was not the end of the world in her game meant that there was pretty much no danger in killing whoever you wanted provided that they are not the Keymaster, which can be easily confirmed by the Sage. Hell, even letting the Sacrifice choose who they killed was a very stupid mistake as this meant that people could strike deals with the Sacrifice if they so wanted.

I mean, take a look at the Main Games in the series, especially chapter II, and see that one of the major challenges about the Main Game involves trying to figure out who is the Sacrifice in order not to get everyone else killed.

I know that this site is horrible when it comes to people intentionally gimping their wincon just to help friends, such as people forging evidence in DR to help their blackened friend escape, but if gimping their wincon turns into outright gamethrowing then this will be remedied.

Again, this is basically a major issue that was caused because of Wazza changing the Sacrifice role.

Which is why I’m doing it away with the MM and adding traitors instead. Honestly, the MM shouldn’t even be a thing as it’s literally a DR thing, not a YTTD one.

Like, I’m pretty sure that people aren’t going to do this shit when they risk almost everyone outright losing just to make a friend not lose.

I’m pretty sure it does as the game that was ran earlier this year completely butchered the Sacrifice role and made it a non-issue rather than an actual concern. Like, this is just like saying that ToL wouldn’t work as a game if you played a ToL match that didn’t have conversions as when you remove a major game mechanic, the entire game falls apart.

Again, this should be less of an issue this match where there’s far more incentive to not yeet a Sacrifice.

That’s what my main goal here is. I’ve already prepared a shit-ton of puzzles for it.

I sadly don’t disagree with you. I just hope people realize that this is going to be a completely different experience.

Like, your main issue about a YTTD misc boils down purely to people playing the main game like Survivor, which only happened because Wazza removed the danger of voting out the Sacrifice.


And FTR, I’m not bashing Wazza. I’m only pointing out the flaws in their misc and what I’m doing to improve it.

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i am not joining this i can’t have a crisis of gender again (this is a joke that’s not why i’m not joining)


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Yeah i think this game will probably be better since there is the immediate danger of the game ending after just one sacrifice is voted out
but i don’t think it will fully remove the problem of people playing survivor

I wouldn’t put it past some people to play with the mindset “if my friends can’t win then neither can you”

yeah, put me as spectator too actually

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That would technically fall under gamethrowing. I’ve never seen people here outside of Priestess doing shit like intentionally not voting a wolf because they’re their friend, so I don’t expect that this shit will happen.

danganronpa 3

Danganronpa’s another problem when it comes to game mechanic-related issues.

The fact that the blackened escaping doesn’t immediately end the game means that some people make pacts and let their friends get away as that’s not 100% going to cause their loss.

I’d partially say that this is my fault as I designed the DR games this site runs. I’ve since then learned from my mistakes and I’ve made my miscs far more binary to prevent shit like people gimping themselves to help friends win.

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I mean, I think it’s certainly possible to run a danganronpa that ends after 1 mistrial as long as there is no fuckery which allows a free blackened win

Danganronpa 5 essentially had every blackened caught, but there was 1 mistrial in chapter 3 because people were scared of losing a valuable contributor to solving puzzles even though we realized it probably was just them

@Icibalus speaking of which, how is DR6 going? if you’re still even making it

i am not still making it
where i’m currently at is that it might be worth playing, but it’s still not hostable without destroying the sleep schedules of eveyrone involved, so it’s not really worth designing