Your Turn To Die Misc - (2/20) - Game Over

Now, it’s YOUR Turn to Die!

Welcome to Your Turn to Die. A Death Game based on a Majority Vote.

Hosted by @Wazza. Co-Hosted by @CRichard564


  • Each game works in Chapters. At most only 4 people can die per chapter, however 2 or more will always die/escape.

  • All players will be participants and taken here against their will, apart from 1 who is the Mastermind. The Mastermind cannot roll the Sacrifice card unless they are given it via a trade.

  • A player can die before the Main Game, so watch your step as you walk around. But no more than two will die during this time period.

  • During the Main Game. All players will pick up a card. This card will say your role. These roles are between Commoner, Sacrifice, Sage and Keymaster. Before the game you are not allowed to say your role as specified on the cards themselves, this is of course unless you are the Sage talking to the Keymaster. If you reveal your role (Or fake one in the chat) Please quote it in your classcard as I will leave a list of claims in a post at the start of every trial.

  • Trading starts before the Chapter 2 Main Game. In which for a certain price you may trade your role with another. You will learn this price when the time comes for it.


  • All players have their rolecard which contains 0-1 Passives, 1 Ability and 1 SPECIAL. Abilities can be used once per chapter unless otherwise stated and SPECIAL abilities are usable once per game. Technically yes, you have Ultimates that are based around your role but this wasn’t coincidental and I added them because flavour is funny, just pretend I robbed you from Monokuma or smthn lmao.

  • Before the Main Game (Which will happen each chapter), all players are Neutral apart from the Mastermind. There will be tasks you may need to complete around the place (and may need more than one person for).

  • Commoner is a basic role. If you have this role, you’re just a basic player during that round, and all you do is vote and discuss.

  • Sacrifice is a role you don’t want to get. If you have this role, you will die at the end of the main game unless you are voted by the majority. If you are voted by the majority, you will escape with a victory while also killing a player of your choosing, chosen publicly. And you will also give a negative effect to everyone who voted you for the next chapter. Additionally, you will start with an extra vote on yourself during the Main Game for both votes.

  • Sage is a role where you know who the Keymaster is when you get it, due to it’s Clairyovant ability. Using this role could be tactical, however, claiming this role may get you killed due to not being the Sacrifice.

  • Keymaster is a role where if you are voted by the majority. All players will die and only the Mastermind will be victorious (Unless beforehand a Sacrifice won). This role should be protected at all costs, which is why the Sage knows who they are.

Lying about your Main Game role is encouraged because if players find out you are not a Sacrifice, chances are, you’re on the chopping block.


Participants: Escape the Ultimate Death Game.
Mastermind: You win when [x] Sacrifice’s have escaped who are not yourself, the Keymaster has been executed or if you are not found as the Mastermind.
Alternate Winconditions may exist as well as peoples winconditions may change over the course of the game.

Keep in mind the Masterminds wincondition has been paraphrased.


  • The Game will start on the Exploration phase. The Exploration phase will last 72 hours during this time you will possibly see cards and may choose a card that you see to pick up. This will reveal your role. During this time, someone has a high chance to die. Claiming your role during this phase will result in a modkill.

  • The Next Phase will be the Main Game Phase Discussion 1, in which you will decide the majority -2 of the players to place onto the chopping block vote. This phase lasts 24 hours. And may be extended by up to an hour to allow players in thread to place a vote in case they forgot. You may claim your role during the phase, although it is not recommended.

  • The Next and Final Phase before the next Chapter is the Final Game Phase Discussion 2, in which you will decide based on the players who were elected to die, who you will allow to die. Be careful of the Sacrifice however, as if they are voted, they will pick a player to die and win the game. Claiming your role during this phase, especially if you aren’t on the stand, is a perfect time to claim.


If you can’t read the map, the areas shown are:

  • Central Beach
  • Bridge to Bar
  • Bar
  • Bridge to Cafeteria
  • Cafeteria
  • Bridge to Game Room
  • Game Room
  • Bride to Smoking Zone
  • Smoking Zone


  • All players must vote before either of the votes are over, otherwise their vote will be randomised. Everytime you miss a vote, you will be prodded beforehand. (You will be notified in your class of who you voted, and you will also be prodded).

  • During the Main Game, you will have your first 24 hour discussion time to discuss who you will vote. All players vote privately in their PM (With the Sacrifice getting an automatic 2nd vote onto themself). The amount of players elected to be killed (Maximum being the Majority - 2, e.g: 20 players alive, 9 players will be elected, 19 players alive, 8 players will be elected). After this, the final vote will begin. Keep in mind the only role power that activates here is the Sacrifice’s Double Vote and the Sage’s Clairyovant abilities.

  • All players will decide who the final vote will be against and only one person will be voted. All roles apply here. The player who is voted the most times will be killed (All votes are revealed, but not who voted them). Votes are still done privately. When the player is killed their true card will be disclosed and then either the Sacrifice kills a player or the Sacrifice is killed, depending on if they were voted or not.

  • Afterwards, all players will return for the next chapter. Additionally, keep in mind if the Keymaster is voted out, all players lose the game apart from the Mastermind. And also a fact to keep in mind, if the Sacrifice is not placed into the Majority on the 2nd phase, they will not be instantly executed, however they can claim their role if they do please.


  • All players have attributes. These attributes are:

SPD - Speed - Will determine how many actions you can take per day. Equation is: SPD + 20.
STR - Strength - Will determine if you can move certain objects or carry certain objects, also might add to the amount of inventory space you might hold.
LUK - Luck - Will determine your chance to avoid being stolen from an item along with effect hidden modifiers.
STH - Stealth - Will determine your chance to steal an item from another person. Equation is: STH - Opposing LUK. Discobot will then be used in a private DM to determine whether or not you steal the item. If your STR depicts you can’t hold the item then your chance to steal will lose the weight difference between your STR and the item.


  1. Zone_Q11 - Hanji, Ultimate Judge - Gave up as the Sacrifice Chapter 4
  2. Apprentice - Hirose Izanami, Ultimate "Inviter" - Executed by Marluxion Chapter 3
  3. Jane - Mukai Tamotsu, Ultimate Gym Leader - Executed by the Sacrifice Card Chapter 1
  4. Gorta - Kuse Hisashi, Ultimate Sensei - Stabbed on the right side of the neck Chapter 1
  5. GGhana - Riki Amaya, Ultimate President - Lost to Split or Steal Chapter 1
  6. Trochilidae
  7. Marshal - Eguchi Mitsuo, Ultimate Shining Sensation - Tripped and died Chapter 4
  8. Geyde DatBird - Tanimoto Tsutomu, Ultimate Retailer - Escaped? as the Sacrifice Chapter 4
  9. Intensify - Obi Takayuka, Ultimate Traceur - Executed by the Sacrifice Card Chapter 2
  10. PKR - Tagawa Miki, Ultimate Queen/[ER40R 404], Ultimate N/A - Strangled to Death Chapter 1 - Resurrected Chapter 1 - Voted by the Majority Chapter 2
  11. TrustworthyLiberal - Saeki Norio, Ultimate Lawyer - Succumbed to the Plague Chapter 2
  12. Mistyx
  13. Whysper
  14. ArcticXI - Kobe Reiki, Ultimate Plaguedoctor - Bled to Death Chapter 5
  15. Icibalus
  16. Blizer KyoDaz
  17. Light - Shiroma Hisoka, Ultimate Biologist - Executed for Selfishness Chapter 2
  18. Amelia - Kojima Yumiko, Ultimate Assassin - Voted by the Majority Chapter 1
  19. WindwardAway
  20. Marl - Iha Kasumi, Ultimate Weather Forecaster - Escaped as the Sacrifice Chapter 3 - Returned Chapter 5


  1. DatBird
  2. Arete
  3. KyoDaz


  1. Astand
  2. Italy
  3. Katze
  4. min
  5. Eli
  6. Shurian
  7. thepigeonnyc
  8. ATNoName

OP may change at any time before or during the game due to me needing to explain things more or other reasons.

Chapter 1 Begins
Chapter 2 Begins


Chapter 3 will technically begin at 2021-01-25T00:00:00Z but won’t actually begin until 18 hours after. It’ll make sense soon.


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