Your Turn To Survivor [Misc] - canned

Your turn to Survivor. The main game of Your Turn To Die, but this time with only that. 14 players will build allies, deduce liars, and betray their friends!

Hosted by @Marshal and @clonedcheese

How the game works:


All players will be randomly assigned a card. This card will say your role. These roles are between Commoner, Sacrifice, Sage and Keymaster. If you reveal your role (Or fake one in the chat) Please quote it in your classcard as I will leave a list of claims in a post at the start of every trial.

  • Commoner is a basic role. If you have this role, you’re just a basic player during that round, and all you do is vote and discuss.
  • Sacrifice is a special role. If you have this role, you will die at the end of the main game unless you are voted by the majority. If you are voted by the majority, you will escape with a victory while also granting victory a player of your choosing, chosen publicly. You will have an extra vote on yourself for the 2nd stage of the main game.
  • Sage is a role where you know who the Keymaster is when you get it, due to it’s Clairyovant ability. Using this role could be tactical, however, claiming this role may get you killed due to not being the Sacrifice.
  • Keymaster is a role where if you are voted by the majority. All players who have not won already will lose the game.


  • Alliance phase: This is 24 hour period before every main game. Every player gets to talk to other players before they recieve their card. They can plan out as much as they want to.
  • Main Game Stage 1: You will decide the majority -2 of the players to place onto the chopping block vote during Main Game Stage 2 (so, for example, if there are 12 players alive, Majority is 7. 7-2 is 5, so 5 players would go on the chopping block). This phase lasts 24 hours.
  • Main Game Stage 2: you will decide based on the players who were elected to die, who you will kill. Be careful of the Sacrifice however, as if they are voted, they will pick a player to win with them and win the game. Claiming your role during this phase, especially if you aren’t on the stand, is a perfect time to claim.

Win/loss conditions.

You will win if:

  • You are voted out as the Sacrifice, or chosen by them to win with them.
  • You are one of the last 4 players alive

You will lose if:

  • You are voted out as Commoner, Sage or Keymaster
  • The Keymaster is voted out while you are alive.
  • You are the Sacrifice and fail to get yourself voted out.
  • Two Sacrifices are voted out while you are alive, and you are not chosen to win by them.
  • You vote for the Sacrifice during chapter 5, and are not the sacrifice or chosen by them to win.

As this game has 14 players, 2 players per chapter die, and the game ends at the final 4 if it has not already ended, there will be a maximum of 5 chapters.


  1. Blitz
  2. Alice
  3. Jane
  4. Apprentice
  5. Magnus
  6. Squirrel2412
  7. Leafia
  8. Whysper


  1. Datbird


  1. Silviu

Also im looking for a cohost, this thing takes 0 effort or time out of your day so if you dont want to play i’d appreciate it.

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tenative /in

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Not gonna do alliances because I’m a Free Agent*

* Politically correct term for opportunistic backstabber.




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/cohost @Marshal

Some of my lectures are surprisingly boring as fuck and i need smth to do

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get intentionally voted out as Keymaster to make everyone lose


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Sure ig

Wait actually
Is there like
Any actioning or it literally just FM with jesters

there aren’t actions, it’s a combination of survivor and yttd

… Weh

you spelled Sadge wrong three times


mfw worst part of game is the main part

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realistically if you actually want to win this game you just auto vote apprentice chapter 1 and hope he didn’t get keymaster or sacrifice


realistically the way you want to win this game if you are app is get sacrifice chapter 1

Time to see if my DRG practice pays off.



Hello, who are ya? :joy:

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