Well hello there! I am an anime lion who was apparently missing for months :ghost:. I’m also a part of 2 cults, the WazzaAzza cult as well as the Panda cult and that’s all you really need to now, so bye! Also I’m legitimately the most lazy person ever

FoL Games?

FoL 14: Devout (Cult) King Loss
FoL 21: Nooble Win!

SFoL Games?

Hand Of Byzantium: Saint loss as HoB

FM Games?

Town Vs Bandits: canned so we will never know
Popcorn Mafia 2: Mafia Goon win! (my first FM game!)
Unknown: Tracker Town win!
Ghost Town: Troll jester game! (loss?)
Mafia Nighfall: Loss as the Mafia Enforcer!
Forum Wrestling Federation: Techni win as faces (town)!
Private Investigations: Mafia Goon win!
Popcorn Mafia Turbo: Mafia Goon win!
Chess Mayhem: Mafia Doublevoter win!
Ace Attorney FM: Kristoph Gavin town win!
Cult In The Jungle Republic: Citizen town loss!
Chaos Town: Townie Cop win!

Games Hosted?

SFM: Secret Murderers?
FM: Fun Chaos!? [bastard alert]
CFM: Noughts And Crosses
SFM: Kingdom Conflicts.